Information in Simple Language

Welcome on the website of the Eccel Kreuzer Museum.

Here you will find information about the Museum Eccel Kreuzer in simple language.

The Museum Eccel Kreuzer is in Bolzano.
It is in the street called Via Argentieri 10.
The Via Argentieri is in the old town.

The Museum Eccel Kreuzer is an art museum.
Here people can see a lot of works of art.
For example, painted pictures or statues made of different materials.
The artworks can be up to 150 years old.
The Eccel Kreuzer Museum shows art from South Tyrol, Tyrol and Trentino.

The museum has a permanent exhibition and a temporary exhibition
The permanent exhibition is always there. The permanent exhibition can only be visited with an employee of the museum.
The temporary exhibition is only available for a short time. It shows only a few work of arts. The temporary exhibition can also be visited alone.

The prices for the permanent exhibition

Single tickets

A single ticket costs 14 euros.
The single ticket is valid for one adult.

Some people do not have to pay the normal entrance fee. You pay less admission. They say: reduced admission.
A reduced single ticket costs 11 euros.

The Eccel Kreuzer Museum offers discounted admission.
For example, for:

  • People with a disability
  • People over 65 years old
  • Pupils and students
  • People who come with a large group

Family Tickets

A family ticket costs 28 euros.
The family ticket is valid for 2 adults and all children up to 16 years.

Through the permanent exhibition goes with you a person who works in the museum. This person is called museum guide. She/he will lead you through the exhibition and talk about the artworks.
In order for a museum guide to have time, you have to make a reservation with the museum beforehand.
To do this, give us a call.
The telephone number is: 0471 301621
Or write an e-mail to:

The prices for the temporary exhibition

A single ticket costs 4 euros.
A reduced single ticket costs 2 euros.
A family ticket costs 8 euros.

For the temporary exhibition, no reservation is needed.

Accessibility at the Eccel Kreuzer Museum

The Eccel Kreuzer Museum is only partially barrier-free.

That means:
In some areas, there are obstacles for people with wheelchairs.
The permanent exhibition cannot be visited with a wheelchair. However, the temporary exhibition can be visited with a wheelchair.

Location of the Eccel Kreuzer Museum

You can easily reach the museum.

The museum is located in the pedestrian zone. You can only reach us on foot.
The Eccel Kreuzer Museum is located near the Walther Square in Bolzano.
On foot, you walk for about 2 minutes.

By bus and by train

Various buses stop at Waltherplatz.
With these buses you can travel:

  • Bus number 110
  • Bus number 111
  • Bus number 10A/10B
  • Bus number 12
  • Bus number 14
  • Bus number 15
  • Bus number 1
  • Bus number 3
  • Bus number 5
  • Bus number 7B
    The stop is: Walther Platz / Piazza Walther

The Eccel Kreuzer Museum is also close to Bolzano train station.
It is about a 10-minute walk away.

By car

You can also go by car to the Eccel Kreuzer Museum.
The museum does not have its own parking spaces.
But there are some parking garages nearby. The parking garages cost different amounts of money.

This is our address:

Via Argentieri 10
39100 Bolzano

Opening hours of the Eccel Kreuzer Museum

Tuesday to Sunday: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
The museum is closed on Mondays.

On some holidays there are different opening hours.
You can see the opening hours here.